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5 Secrets Smart Parents Use To Create Incredible Confidence In Their Teens... 

 ...And Help Them Eliminate Their Anxiety & Shape Them Into Thriving, Successful, Well-Rounded Young Adults. 

While teens may look like young adults, their brains are still far from functioning like adults. In this workshop, you will discover how to understand your teen better and the tools you can use to help them thrive.

  • The powerful strategies to help teens eliminate anxiety, give them the confidence & tools to thrive without treating them like they are broken.
  • How to help your teen who may be struggling with mental health, hanging with the wrong crowd, doing self-harm, bullying or being bullied, struggling with social media or being involved in other negative behaviors, quickly and effectively.
  • How to help your teen overcome their low self-esteem and fill them with confidence and self-worth.
  • ​Why the common approach to working with teens that is being taught at school could actually be sabotaging your teen’s chances of success.
  • ​How you the parent can rest easy, knowing your teen is on the right path and has the tools, strategies, and confidence to believe in themselves and make the right choices.
  • Much, much more...

Join Top Teen Coach, Jesse LeBeau for this life-changing training.

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Meet Your Host

Jesse LeBeau

Founder of The Attitude Advantage Program

Jesse is one of the top youth motivational speakers in the world. He has spoken to over 1 million audience members live and is regularly featured on some of your favorite TV shows, movies, and media outlets. He currently stars in the Emmy-nominated new sitcom “This Just In” on Saturday mornings on Pop TV.

Jesse is also the founder of The Attitude Is Everything Foundation which has helped over 250,000 teenagers improve their mental health through self-esteem-building programs. This year he is touring the country shooting a new reality series titled “The LeBeau Show” which will give viewers an inside look into his world…inspiring big audiences from the stage with his underdog story while also helping teens and parents who are going through difficult things along the way.

You can catch Jesse online, on TV, in theaters, and by tuning into his podcast where he interviews friends, celebrities, teen parenting experts, and pro athletes who have reached success at the highest levels. The podcast explores guests' personal approaches toward life, sharing the keys to achieving greatness and what it takes to begin thinking like a STAR!

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